Corporate social responsibility


CKL Comunicaciones Coop is a social economy company that strives to revert part of its benefits and team’s talent back to society through business and social initiatives with a gender perspective. Corporate social responsibility is an important part of worker cooperatives: at CKL Comunicaciones Coop we reinforce this business philosophy because we believe in it.

CKL Comunicaciones Coop carries out its annual CSR Report since 2009. It reflects the commitment to our environment and also the channels of participation created to relate to our stakeholders, institutions and non-governmental organizations.

In addition, our business commitment is implemented through a Protocol of hiring suppliers and collaborations. We give priority to social economy companies, businesswomen. We promote territory’s wealth and employment, inclusive and particular perspective on global thinking, innovation and good practices, and last but not least, solvency and transparency.

Since 2011, CKL Comunicaciones Coop has been distinguished with the “Empresa Corresponsable” distinction by the Sociedad–Fundación Corresponsables, for been one of the first 80 co-responsible companies of Spain. Main CKL’s CSR areas of development are actions on gender equality, environment, social participation and social action:

  • CKL Comunicaciones Coop team has professionals’ commitment and participation to work for equal opportunities. Since the beginning, we have always had measures aimed at achieving real, effective and lasting equity, as a plan to conciliate work and personal life, internal training and positive actions. We also have an equality plan in line with the Internal Regime Regulations of the company.

    CKL Comunicaciones Coop ensures the inclusion of the gender perspective in all the projects it carries out, making an exhaustive treatment of the inclusive style, of non-sexist language and images, through the awareness and training of the staff, the collaborators, the companies’ suppliers and the clients as well as through ferrous global quality controls.


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    Aware of the environmental impact produced by its activities, CKL Comunicaciones Coop continues to progressively implement measures with the objective of combining business growth with the minimization of the environmental footprint.

    Since 2012, we have participated in the “Life + Ecoedition Project” of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Government), applying eco-edition criteria in all projects carried out all over the world.

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    CKL Comunicaciones Coop carries out “Info CKL Noticias”, a digital newsletter on communication and gender, made daily and with free distribution. It is a CKL’s CSR initiative aligned with our commitment to the visibility of women and their outstanding contributions in the world of communication, advertising, information and communication technologies, and also in the fields of society, politics, science, culture or sports.

    Since 2008, CKL’s professionals provide work, knowledge and time, which revert into a dynamic and updated newsletter recognized by readers. It reaches 8,000 daily readers and more than 1,900 bulletin numbers have been already published.

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    CKL Comunicaciones Coop liberates working hours to have them available for the staff. Professionals can invest them in those social actions of their interest that integrate the gender perspective, within the objectives of corporate social responsibility established in the cooperative.

    The involvement with equal opportunities between women and men is made for real through the CKL’s selfless collaboration in strategic consulting, design, documentation and communication projects implemented for business associations; nongovernmental organization (NGO) and foundations; women’s associations and journalists’ associations; cultural, social and environmental volunteering, among others.

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